Raising money through fundraises for schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations do not have to be limited to the same types of products each year. Instead of selling cookies, popcorn, nuts, or coupon books, you could consider an electronics recycling program for specific items in your community. Not only are you helping people dispose of their unwanted items in an environmentally friendly manner, you are also able to raise cash for your organization through trade in programs, like our free service, where we pay you cash for MacBook Pro models, iPhones, iPads, and other electronic devices.

You can coordinate your fundraiser by obtaining a list directly from us of the types of electronic products we are currently accepting on trade-in for cash. Using this list, you are able to prepare your own flyers, pamphlets, and other advertising materials to reflect the electronics you are accepting for recycling. The common kinds of items we normally accept include all sorts of Apple® products, like MacBook Pro models, as well as certain Android devices, computer servers, and some brands of digital cameras.

The electronics you collect during your fundraiser do not have to be working. We also provide compensation for nonworking devices. After your event is over, you may check how much each item is worth by using our free online price quote tool. However, since you will probably collect a large quantity of devices, it is faster and easier to compile these into a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper you can scan and email us. Once we receive your list, we prepare a detailed quote and return it to you, showing the total amount of cash offered for all of the products on the list.

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