Use an iPhone Buy Back Service to Get Rid of Unwanted Models

Did you know your iPhone contains certain metals, parts, and components which are non-biodegradable or harmful to the environment? What this means is if your phone breaks, stops working, or is no longer of use to you, you cannot toss it into your everyday household garbage. If you do, not only do you run the risk of being fined for improper disposal of an electronic device, you are also harming the environment.

Rather than run the risk of a hefty fine, there are much better ways to dispose of your used iPhone, such as using a buy back service. A buy back service, like ours, here at Turn Tronics, offers you cash in exchange for your unwanted iPhone. The amount of money you are paid depends upon the overall condition of the phone. Fully functioning models, in good to like-new condition, with decent battery operational times, can be worth a few hundred dollars, or more.

To find out how much your iPhone is worth, all that is required is to complete our simple online form to obtain your buy back quote. This is a free service, and you are never under any obligation to sell us your phone if you change your mind. If you like our proposal, there are a few other simple steps to complete, such as verifying the serial number and condition of the phone and supplying you with a prepaid shipping label. On the off chance you find another place which provides you with a higher quote, let us know, and we will match or beat our competitor’s price.

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