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  1. Great service at Turntronic and one of the reliable company. This is a second time I have used their service and they always come true. Chris at Turntronic is awesome, and a true professional, from the time I contacted his company and the time I got my check was less than a week. I will definitely use them again, and will recommend anyone to use their service. Trust me you will not regret it.

  2. Amazing service! They paid for shipping and had the best customer service every. It was fast and easy to use. I give them 5 stars.

  3. Superb service. I got a fair offer for my mac. I will definitely do more business with them.
    Strongly recommend turntronics! Thank you.

  4. My local market is flooded with Mac’s for sale. Most of them beat up and trash which makes selling a good one hard because “…i can get it on craigslist for…blah blah…” So I searched and found three web sites that offered to buy. TurnTronics beat every offer, hands down! Paid shipping with tracking alone is $25-30.
    The owner Chris kept in contact and did not get upset at all with my frequent phone calls either! He understands that mailing an expensive item to parts unknown can make anyone uneasy. Even during the holiday rush he got my machine processed in under a week!
    TurnTronics gets my business from here on out!
    Awesome & Honest. Great business Chris! Thank you.
    -Joseph Maness

  5. Just recently sold a Macbook Pro Retina and a MacMini Server to TurnTronics.
    Highest payment and quick turnaround.
    Will use again.

  6. My experience with TurnTronics from quote to payment for my MacBook Pro was nothing short of outstanding. I was very pleased with their competitive quote, and knew this was a company I could put my trust in right from the start. They kept consistent communication, which was casual yet also professional, and it was a pleasure doing business with them. The payment was precisely what was quoted, and very quick after I sent it to them using the provided FedEx shipping label. I can’t say enough good things about TurnTronics — Thank you for such excellent customer service!

  7. I recently sold my iMac to TurnTronics. This was my first experience with the company and I was very impressed. The whole process, from receipt of the shipping label to the receipt of my check, was very smooth. After they checked my iMac, I received the exact amount that was quoted (quickly I might add) and emails during the process were promptly answered. I would definitely recommend TurnTronics.

  8. Great service. They gave me the best offer i could possibly get. Will do more business with them. I strongly recommend turntronics! Thank you

  9. TurnTronics is an excellent place to trade in old macs. They offered more than other online websites for my 2012 Macbook Pro. I am really satisfied with their service. They always reply very fast and the payment through Paypal is reliable. I strongly recommend this place.

  10. The best trade-in company which have found and I would recommend the company to others. thanks again, Turntronics!!!

  11. Great place, gave me a great price even though my IMAC showed up damaged with a bad backlight.

    love dealing with this company, 2nd time around still great

  12. I have bought many computers through Chris and never been dissatisfied. He sells quality products and makes trading in or upgrading seamless, and his prices are unbeatable!

  13. This was a great experience! Chris kept in constant contact throughout the whole process. Quick turnaround, too! I will definitely recommend TurnTronics to everyone looking for the services that they provide!

  14. I am very impressed with the customer service and turn around from TurnTronics. Chris responded to all of my emails almost instantly and the process couldn’t have been easier. The price they offered for my iMac 5K was well above what other sites were offering and the process was easier and more personable. I will strongly recommend my friends and family to use TurnTronics when they are thinking of selling their used Apple products. A very happy customer.

  15. Hit some tough times and sold my 27 inch IMAC with free shipping to TurnTronics with little or no effort. Payment was prompt with the whole process under 2 weeks time including shipping, processing and communications on payment. Reliable and fast!

  16. I couldn’t be happier. Chris led me through the whole process and it was amazingly simple. It was a pleasure dealing with these fine people. I highly recommend them to anyone. Very fair price and prompt payment. Shipping was all taken care of and as easy as could be,I’ll be dealing with them again as soon as my Retina display Mac is outdated.

  17. All I can say is…EXCELLENT! I called to see how the program worked and Chris explained everything. In about 5 days timeframe, I got the mac shipped and received my money! This is an excellent company to work with and they offer the most amount of money for used apple products. I highly recommend this over anyone else in the business. Their customer service is top notch! I have nothing but praise for them! Thanks again!

    • From the get go the service was just terrific, it seemed to good to be true but it really is a wonderful company to deal . Highly recommend to anyone.

  18. Sold a pair of 27″ iMacs to Turntronics. Top price, great communication, easy transaction, no problems. Would absolutely look to Turntronics to sell my next computers too. Excellent vendor!

  19. Wow. What a great experience it was to sell my iMac 27″…I had long held off selling it, thinking it would be an experience much like a painful dental procedure. NOT SO, dealing with Chris at Tune Tronics could not have been more pleasant. Instead of a stessfull bargaining procedure, their very competitive quote came quickly, with the offer to email me a prepaid FEDEX shipping label. Prepaid for this 45# monster! There were a few problems along the way (all of them my fault) which Chris took care of pronto. I cannot commend TT enough for such professional and friendly service.

  20. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Chris from Turntronics. He was very helpful through the whole process if selling my 21.5″ iMac and iPad Mini. The prices on here were the best I found online and its so much nicer then having to deal with eBay or Craigslist. So if you have some sort of Apple product your looking to get rid of this is the place to do it. You will not be disappointed.

  21. Dealing with Turntronics has been a complete pleasure. When I originally contacted them, I received a quote and a FedEx mailing label immediately. I took my iMac 27″ to FedEx late on Wednesday afternoon. By Friday I received an email stating that they had received my iMac–very professional, nice to know where things were, etc. The email also stated that they had begun processing the iMac and the processing would be complete within a few days. By Wednesday of the following week I received another email stating that processing was finished and that my check was in the mail (I opted for a check in lieu of PayPal). By Friday I received the check, deposited it and was happy. It was a complete pleasure dealing with TurnTronics and I highly recommend their service. I will definitely use them again!
    Thanks TurnTronics! It’s been wonderful dealing with a professional and ethical company that does what it says it will.

  22. Turn Tronics bought my Macbook Air and the experience was flawless. Great communication along the way, responsive to my questions and concerns, and the best price adds up to a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED service!

  23. This place is the best place to sell your old devices. Great customer service and fast reply made the entire experience seamless. I would definitely refer this place for all my friends. Thanks Turntronics!

  24. Excellent service — fast and very cordial throughout the process. I received more money that I expected for my computer, and the submission and review process was simple and fast. Highly recommended as an alternative to other trade-in programs that offer less!

  25. I no longer needed my first generation MacBook Pro and discovered TurnTronics via Google. I sent in a description of the machine and received an immediate quote. After a quick exchange of emails, I mailed the computer to them via their pre-paid FedEx shipping label, received confirmation of delivery and a few days later received confirmation that a check was in the mail.

    Very smooth and easy transaction.


  26. Just want to say what an amazing company TurnTronics is! Smooth transaction, and was paid top dollar for my old MacBook Pro. I found the CEO Chris Ladenburger very easy to communicate with. He even took the time to answer the 8 million question over the PHONE. It rare to find a company in todays world were you can call them and actually talk to a real live person who is not somewhere in India. I can honestly say this is a great company, and the next time I sell one of my Apple products it will be to TurnTronics. You see all these adds on T.V. for companies like Gazelle but truth be told TurnTronics is a much better company to deal with and pays a hell of a lot more for your old Apple products than a company like Gazelle ever could. Chris I would really like to thank you and your team for making this such an easy and honestly fair transactions. I will be recommending you to any friends who are thinking about selling their old Apple products! Once again…TurnTronics is a truly flawless operation that treats their customers with the respect they deserve. Truly amazing. I know it might sound like B.S. but just give TurnTronics a chance and you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

  27. I am reposting the Yelp review I just left for Turntronics.

    After deciding to sell our MacBook Air, we found Turn Tronics in Cincinnati, OH. All our correspondences were with Chris. Everything was handled professionally, and we received prompt responses to our communications. Chris does excellent follow-up. One very important customer experience is that after your ship your electronics out, you don’t want to feel like it disappeared. TurnTronics provides feedback each step of the way. We will certainly consider them again in the future.

  28. I have bought many items from Turntronics, as well as sold to them. Every single time it has been such a great experience. Wonderfully ran company. Highly recommended!!

  29. I recently sold my old imac to TurnTronics. When starting the process, I visited several sites who offered the same services for purchasing the Mac. However, Turntronics was the only one that seemed to offer a genuinely fair price. From beginning to end, all aspects of the transaction ( appraisal, free mailing, communication, etc.) were professionally handled. TurnTronics appears to be one of a dwindling phenomena—-a class act.

  30. this is the 1st time i sold comp stuff on the internet, turnT made it crazy easy…and the price they gave me was sick.,.,.Def use these guys!!!!

  31. Great service and fun! I was kept “in the loop” regarding my computer trade-in every step of the way. Felt as if I were in the surgical theater and the physician was explaining every move of the scalpel. Made me feel very secure in the transaction. Had never traded-in a computer before. Turntronics made it easy. Recommend them highly.

  32. I have sold electronics in the past online with nothing but headaches so I was skeptical at first with Turntronics. They proved me wrong selling my 27″ iMac was hassle free and fast. Free shipping was excellent and payoff quick and exactly as quoted. Strongly recommend to all.

  33. My transaction was perfect. I was considering selling my two iMacs on eBay but the hassle was kind of putting me off. Anyway I decided it was time to get the process going. To start getting a price together I searched what my mac would be worth and Turntronics came up. I ran through the easy process and was offered at least as much as I was hoping to get (after fees) through eBay.

    The transaction was very easy, mailing labels were shipped almost instantly. Figuring out how to pack and iMac was no easy process but with a lot of bubble wrap and duct tape we managed to get that done. Now, probably a week later I have been notified that the money the quoted amount, has been deposited into my PayPal account. Could not be happier.

    If you have a Mac or equipment to sell I recommend very highly that you at least consider this company. I believe you will be satisfied. I certainly was.

  34. I sold a MacBook Pro to TurnTronics. They offered the best price I could find, paid me quickly, and communicated professionally along the way. Recommended.

  35. I was a bit leery at first. However this turned out to be a great experience. Good Job! Sold my Mac Book Pro 2009 for a price higher than any one else offered. Process was quick, painless and flowed well. Pre-paid Fed Ex shipping label provided by TurnTronics really helped. I highly recommend using this company for selling your used equipment.

  36. Great price, FedEx shipping & tracking made sending my Macbook Pro so easy. Chris communicated personally every step of the way — responding to the offer, letting me know the laptop was received, confirming the condition and then mailing the check. I would highly recommend using this trustworthy company for selling your used equipment.

  37. Last month I sold my 2009 MacBook Pro to TurnTronics, and highly recommend the company. The price they offered was two times higher than Best Buy’s offer, and TurnTronics pays cash (check). I dealt directly with the owner, Chris, who answered all my questions, e-mailed me promptly at every step in the process, and kept every part of the deal. After receiving my laptop and checking to make sure my description was accurate (one day), Chris notified me he had mailed the payment. It arrived three days later (Thanksgiving contributed to the three days.) I would not hesitate to sell another product to TurnTronics or to buy from them!

  38. Sold my MacBook air and got a way better offer than Gazelle. I used Gazelle before I found Turntronics but I won’t again. Payments was quick and mailing it through Fedex was easy. Turntronics is awesome!

  39. I sold my late 2012 IMac and received a very good price for it. Of course Apple and Gazelle were offering barely nothing for it. They basically wanted me to give it to them for nothing. Another place offered me a very high amount of money. To good to be true. The one reason I chose Turn Tronics is that they were BBB approved. I got my money witching 4 days. Great transaction. I would recommend them to anyone selling electronics especially Macs

  40. This was by far the easiest decision I’ve ever made. They offered me far above what other sites were offering, and made it hassle-free. When you have technology you don’t need, TurnTronics is the way to go. I’ll definitely be back!

  41. Selling my phone was not only fast and effortless but once you meet Chris you will instantly realize that he is a straight shooter and a respectable but savvy businessman. You will go away with the confidence that your device will be cleared of your personal information and properly formatted for a seamless sales transaction … and that … we call priceless! Whether you’re buying or selling, do not hesitate to do business with this gentleman who possesses an impeccable rating with the BBB and an unblemished track record with his buyers and sellers alike. Thank you Chris. You can count on me being back soon.

  42. buying a pre-owned laptop can be a dicey proposition even if you know something about them and are savvy with navigating the volume of available options.

    chris was prompt and extremely helpful in addressing all of my questions. i ended up purchasing a beautifully cared for macbook pro. his pictures and description were 100% accurate. so, there were no surprises when i opened the box. the computer is operating flawlessly. additionally, their speed in shipping it out to me was blindingly fast.

    do not hesitate doing business with turntronics. these are honest people that run a tight shop. they will be my first choice if i should be in the market for pre-owned gear again.

    thank you chris,

  43. it was a pleasure doing business with turntronics. the entire transaction was very professional and smooth. i would definitely do business with them again, and i would recommend the company to others. thanks again, chris!

  44. Had a great experience with Chris. Sold two MacBook Pros for the best price offered by any of the other sites. The price was great! The process worked smoothly. I shipped the Macs and got a response within hours of arriving at their facility. Following an inspection to confirm the condition of the Macs, they sent a check for the agreed upon price. I would highly recommend them and plan on using them again and again.

  45. Thank you so very much for the IPad 1 that I purchased from you in June. It has been working flawlessly! I am enjoying using it for work immensely! The IPad has also allowed me to be able to communicate with my children. I now understand why they love theirs.

    Once again, thanks so much!

  46. I highly recommend Turntronics. They respond quickly with a quote for my macbook pro and moused and expedited transactions efficiently and graciously. Trust them to do well by you as they have with me. These folks rock!

  47. Quick turnaround on my Core 2 Duo Macbook, sent my shipping label, paid as quoted, no problems AND had the best payout price of anyone out there. Could not be happier!

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