Sell a Used iPhone 4 and Other Models for Cash

It seems people are upgrading their iPhones faster than in the past just to have access to the latest features. When the iPhone was first released, most people held onto their initial models for at least two or three years. But, today, many people ditch their old iPhones as soon as the next model is released. As a result, you may quickly notice you have a growing pile of unused iPhones in your home or office. What you might not know is that certain models could still have value you can convert into cash if you sell a used iPhone 4 or other model to us.

How Much Can I Sell My Used iPhone 4 for?

The amount you can sell your used iPhone 4 for depends upon several different factors. First, what is the overall condition of the phone? If you used a protective case, and it is still in like-new condition, it is worth more than one that is scratched, has cracked plastic on the case, was etched, or has a broken display. In addition, how well the battery holds a charge, and whether you have the original box and other accessories, all play a role in determining the value. Further, the storage capacity of the phone affects its value. Higher storage space often infers a higher cash price.

To find out how much your iPhone 4 or other model is worth, visit our website now, or call us directly. Besides iPhones, we also purchase a variety of other used electronic devices — even broken ones.

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