Sell Your MacBook Air for Top Dollar and Avoid Any Risks

There is a safe and secure method to sell your MacBook Air for top dollar that eliminates the risks associated with other ways. If you list your MacBook on an online auction site, you have to wait for interested bidders to buy your laptop. Once the auction closes, if no one bid on your computer, you have to keep relisting it until you find a buyer. If you were lucky and sold it, now you have to wait for payment. Some people do not pay right away, and it may require opening an unpaid item case. Then, you still might not get paid if the buyer backs out, during which several weeks can lapse while waiting. Now, you have to relist it and start all over.

In addition to finding a suitable buyer, another risk of using online auction sites is fraud. Even though you receive payment and it looks safe to ship, it does not mean the charges will not be disputed later. If a payment is disputed, you could end up having to refund the money paid for your MacBook. Further, you can lose your MacBook and not be able to recover it. Not only are you out the cash, but also your laptop.

A much better solution to avoid these risks is to use our free service to sell your MacBook Air for top dollar. By completing a simple online form, we provide you with an immediate quote for your laptop. If you like our offer, we will verify the information you supplied and email you a prepaid shipping label. Once we receive your laptop, we take care of reformatting the hard drive, and issue your payment within 3 days.


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