How to Sell My Mac

There is no right or wrong ways in how to sell my Mac. There are differences between my available options, like the amount of time I am willing to invest in the process and how much cash I could receive.

Online Auction Sites – These are ideal for selling a wide range of products. However, because the online market is oversaturated with electronic devices, prices tend to be pushed down in order for people to compete with one another. For a buyer, this gives the opportunity to save money, but from a seller prospective, I may want to look elsewhere in order to get top dollar for my Mac. In addition, I have to create a detailed description of my Mac and be available to answer questions in a timely manner.

Craigslist or Other Local Selling Sites – Again, the problem with local advertising is the market can be very competitive and keep prices lower for buyers. I also have to be prepared to meet with people face-to-face or invite them into my home. If I am not comfortable with meeting strangers or do not have the time for these meetings, then this may not be the best approach.

Online Buyback Services – This option provides a fast, easy, safe, secure and hassle-free option for getting the most cash. How to sell my Mac with a buyback service is not complicated or difficult. In most cases, the entire transaction can be completed quickly, and I can have my cash in hand in about a week. The service even covers all shipping costs.

Sell your used Mac

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