Sell Your iPhone 5S to the Right Buyback Service

Sell Your iPhone 5S to the Right Buyback Service

You need to be careful when you sell an iPhone 5S through a buyback service. There are a wide variety of companies online which feature this option for fast and quick sales on used iPhones. However, all services are not the same, and it is worth your time to conduct your own research to find a reputable buyback service. Below are some useful tips we recommend following to ensure you get the best service and price for your used iPhone 5S:

  1. Is the Business Accredited with the Better Business Bureau? Take the time to find out the BBB ratings on those services you are considering. You can see if they have had any complaints, customer reviews, and grade rating.
  2. Will They Wipe Your Data from Your Device for Free? Some services charge extra for removing your data from your iPhone, while others do not perform this service at all. Here at TurnTronics, we erase all of your data from your phone for free.
  3. Do They Confirm Their Quote? Some companies quote lower prices, while others offer higher prices; but, later, after you send in the phone, they contact you and say they need to revise your initial quote. We take the time to confirm every quote before sending you a shipping label. The only time a quote is revised is in the event the phone received was not as originally described. Additionally, we quote the highest prices as possible, as well as match or beat our competitors’ prices.
  4. What Sort of Other Devices Do They Buy? Some services only specialize in iPhones. We provide our customers with efficient ways for selling a much wider range of used electronic products.
  5. How Long Does It Take to Get Paid? Some services could take several weeks or even months to process your payment. We normally process your payment within 3 business days of receiving your iPhone. We also offer our customers the option to have the payment sent to their PayPal account or a check mailed to their home.

Do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-513-290-7116 if you have any further questions or require assistance in selling your iPhone.

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