When You Sell Your iPhone 4 be Aware of Potential Issues with Local Selling Sites

When you want to sell your iPhone 4, you have different options available. For instance, you may post an ad on a local selling site, such as Craigslist®, in your local area. Using this service allows you to attract interested buyers. However, you have to be available to answer questions about your phone. In addition, the price you ask is not always what you will receive. Potential buyers might try to haggle with you to get you to lower your asking price. Once you do come to an agreement with someone, you have to make arrangements to meet with them to complete the sale.

There are risks associated using this method to sell your iPhone 4. You should never meet them at your home or their house, as you may place yourself in unexpected danger. Rather, it is better to meet at a public location for your own safety. Another issue is if the person does not show up as agreed and contacts you later to say they changed their mind. Now you have to relist your ad and go through the process a second time. If the sale goes through, and you get your money, it does not mean you have seen the last of the buyer. They might contact you if they feel you did not accurately describe the phone or have other problems with it. If they have your phone number, they could call or text you constantly until you respond. Luckily, you are able to easily avoid all of these hassles by selling your phone using our free online service. We offer top dollar for all of your used, broken, and nonworking i-Products.

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