Sell Your Broken iPod for Cash to Offset Costs for a New iPod

Our electronic devices are some of our most essential pieces of equipment we take with us on a daily basis. Whether it is staying in touch with friends, listening to music, or checking status updates on your favorite social media sites, we rely upon our devices to stay connected. Unfortunately, accidents do occur where our devices can get damaged and broken. For instance, your iPod might slip out of your hands, fall on the ground, and be stepped on, which breaks the device. It may be possible to sell your broken iPod for cash to help offset the costs for a new one.

The amount of money a broken iPod is worth depends on several factors about its overall condition, such as:

  • What is the iPod model?
  • What is the storage capacity?
  • Does it play songs successfully?
  • Does it have the original charge and USB cable?
  • Do you still have the original box?
  • Is there any liquid damage?
  • Is the screen cracked?
  • Is the iPod engraved?
  • Does the battery retain a decent charge?
  • What is the cosmetic condition?

You can obtain a free quote and discover how much you could sell your broken iPod for based upon your responses to these questions. Sometimes the device may not be worth much, but isn’t it better to get a little money to offset the costs of a new iPod, than nothing? To see how much your iPod or other broken device is worth, visit our website today, or give us a call.

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