Sell a Broken iPhone to Offset Replacement Costs

According to a study conducted by CNET in February 2013, approximately 25 percent of all iPhones active at that time had a broken screen. In another study conducted by Huffington Post in September 2012, it was discovered users had spent more than $5.9 billion to repair or replace broken or damaged iPhones since 2007. The results of these studies demonstrate just how careless people can be, whether intentionally or accidentally, and how fast they go through iPhones. Luckily, if you have been one of these unfortunate people, you do have the option to sell a broken iPhone for cash to offset the replacement cost.

Instead of tossing the damaged iPhone into the trash, where it greatly impacts our landfills and the environment, it can be recycled. In return for your recycling efforts, you get paid cash. The amount you could make from the sale of your phone does depend upon the extent of the damage. If the phone still works, but has a cracked display, it may fetch a higher price than one with water damage and which no longer powers on.

Sell Other Used Working and Broken Devices

Besides selling your broken iPhone, you can also sell other working or nonworking used electronic devices, like iPads, iPods, MacBooks, DSLR cameras, PC servers, HD video cameras, and certain Android devices. Imagine being able to clear out that box of used electronics you have stored in your closet and reclaim space, while being paid cash. The process to sell your devices is not complicated. It only requires a few minutes per device to find out how much each one is worth using our free online quote application. Stop losing more money every day your used electronics sit gathering dust — and sell them today for cash.

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