Risks with Online Auction Sites to Sell Your Used MacBook Pro

You have several different options to choose from to sell a used MacBook Pro. You might use an online auction website and put it up for sale. Auctions are a great way to earn some extra money, because bidders sometimes get into bidding wars pushing the price up higher than you originally expected. However, there are drawbacks to using online auction sites. First, you have to register with the site and create your account. Next, you have to meet their requirements in order to be able to sell items, which may involve making purchases from others to establish your reputation. In addition, there are fees charged when your Mac sells, based upon the sale price. You also have to set up an account through PayPal or another service to accept payments. Payment services also charge fees based on the amount of the sale.

After the sale, there are other risks with selling your used MacBook Pro through an online auction site. One of the more common ones is when the buyer does not pay. Instead of being able to offer the Mac to another person right away, or relist it, you have to wait until the matter with the current buyer is resolved. Another risk is dealing with fraudulent payments when the buyer uses someone else’s credit card through your payment service. Initially, the service may inform you it is safe to ship the MacBook. However, later on, after the buyer has received your Mac, the card holder disputes the charge. Now, the payment service investigates, and, if they determine it was fraud, the charges are reversed, leaving you without your Mac and requiring you to pay back any money you originally received. Instead of dealing with these hassles, there is an easier way to sell your Mac by using our free buy back service.

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