A Responsible Way to Recycle Is to Cash in My MacBook

Technology is changing faster today than it was in the past. By past, I am referring to the recent past, within the last 10 years or less, not the distant past, like 30 years ago. 10 years ago, I got a new computer or cell phone and kept it for about 3 years, possibly longer, before upgrading to a new model. But, today, I find myself wanting to upgrade to new phones and computers about once a year. As result, I am getting a growing stack of used electronics in my closet. Recently, I learned I could cash in my MacBook and other devices as a way of recycling them responsibly.

Eco-friendly recycling uses methods where my electronic devices are reused in some manner. They might be taken apart and sorted by the type of metal, plastic or other material. These materials can be melted down and be reused to make new parts and components. They could also be refurbished using used parts and components from other recycled models.

When I cash in my MacBook and other electronic devices, I help keep them out of landfills. Landfills are large areas of waste products that are left to decay and break down over time. The problem with electronics is that they do not deteriorate quickly, plus they can contain mercury, lead and other such substances that are harmful to the environment.

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