Recycle Your iPhone through Resale

Did you know you could put some extra cash in your pocket by recycling your used iPhone through resale? Many people do not even know their older models still might have some residual value left in them. Instead, they drop them off at local recycling centers, drop boxes at their cellular carrier, or other such places. Many of these places are aware they can convert your phone into cash. While donating your used phones to charities is a worthy cause, you should not give your phone away for free to other for-profit operations and let them earn money off your recycling efforts.

When Is the Best Time to Recycle My iPhone for Cash?

In order to get the most cash for your iPhone through resale, you should sell it once you no longer require it. Many people put their older models in a desk drawer, filing cabinet, or some other place, only to forget about them. While they sit and collect dust, they continue to lose value. By the time they remember about the used devices, they often have very little value left. Instead of potentially getting a hundred dollars or more, if they had sold it as soon as they upgraded to a newer model, now their devices could only be worth $10 or $20 – or, even worse, might have no value left at all.

Now that you are aware you can use resale to recycle your used iPhone and put some cash back in your pocket, you need to go through your home and find any used devices you want to get rid of. In addition to selling your used iPhone, you are also able to sell used iPads, iPods, and other Apple® products, as well as certain Android® devices and digital SLR cameras.

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