Preparing Your Used Mac to Sell

If you’re planning on buying the new MacBook Pro, it’s easy sell your used Mac to offset the new computer’s cost. There are a few easy steps to prepare your machine for resale and replace it with a new MacBook Pro or other Mac.


Back Up Your Content:

First things first, you need to to transfer files from your old Mac to your new MacBook Pro.  In order to prevent data loss, be sure to make a backup of at least your most important files. If you already have an external hard drive, this step will be quick and easy.  If you do not have an external hard drive, take a trip to your local computer store to purchase one.  Make sure the drive is large enough to store all your files.  You can either back up your entire hard drive, or select individual files to transfer.  I suggest at least making copies of your Documents, Photos, and iTunes folders.  This can be done with a utility like Carbon Copy Cloner, which copies a drive’s contents to another volume to keep them safe. Be sure to have a large capacity external hard drive if you take the route: one that is at least the size of your system hard drive.


Deactivate or Deauthorize Software:

Certain applications, such as iTunes and Adobe, limit the number of computers authorized to use them. Before you scrubbing your hard drive, make sure to deactivate any applications that require activating so they can run on your new machine. In iTunes, you can deauthorize a computer by going to Store > Deauthorize Computer. Adobe applications can be deactivated by going to Help > Deactivate. If you forget to deauthorize iTunes, you can always deauthorize after the fact through your iTunes account.


Format your Hard Drive:

Once have a backup of everything, you’re going to want to format (erase) your entire hard drive to ensure there is no data left on the drive. To do this, you’ll need to find the OS X install disc or Lion thumb drive that came with your machine. Insert the thumb drive/DVD, and restart the computer holding down the Option key. You will see a list of bootable devices on the screen select either DVD or OSX Install drive.  Once your Mac boots to the installer screen choose Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. From there, select your hard drive and erase it. To ensure there’s no way anyone could restore any of your personal data, I recommend choosing Security Options and select either Zero Out Data, or 7-Pass Erase. 7-Pass Erase will eradicate everything on the drive and complies with DOD standards.

Reinstall OS X:

While the OS X install disc or Lion thumb drive is still in your machine, you can easily reinstall the operating system. After formatting your drive, run the installer to reload the OS X. When your Mac reboots after reloading, make sure you don’t start running the Setup Assistant. Allow the new owner of your computer to set it up as if it were a brand new Mac. Once the Setup Assistant appears, hit Command-Q to quit and eject the disc. When the Mac is next turned on, the Assistant will run and the new user can set it up however he/she wants.

Selling Your Mac:

Congratulations!  You are now ready to sell your used Mac.  If you are looking for an easy way to sell your Mac, visit our “Sell My Device” page for an instant quote.  We offer free shipping and a quick turnaround when you sell your Mac.

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