Preparing to Sell My Apple® Laptop

There are some processes I need to complete when I am ready to sell my Apple® laptop. Taking the time to do these ensures a smooth transaction and protects my personal information and data.

  1. Complete a backup. There are various methods for running a backup, including using online cloud services, CDs, DVDs, and external storage devices. These can normally be run right from within specific applications on the laptop. Data like my pictures, documents and music should be removed prior to selling my Apple® laptop.
  2. Restore the laptop to its original factory settings. Running this process wipes and removes all my personal data and information. This step may be completed either from the original CD or DVD that came with the laptop, or by downloading the OS X software directly from Apple®.
  3. Gather all accessories and items which are being sold with my laptop, including the power supply, original box and any documentation.

Now that my Apple® laptop has been properly prepared, it is ready to be sold. There are various methods for finding suitable buyers for my computer. If I am looking for a fast turn around and quick cash sale, then a buyback service, like TurnTronics, is my best option.

What Is a Buyback Service?

A buyback service is a company which specializes in purchasing used Apple® laptops. They may also offer to purchase other related products, such as iPhones, iPods and iPads. The process to sell my Apple® laptop only requires filling out a form and filling in the details about my model. After I complete this step, I receive a free quote showing the amount the service is willing to pay for my computer. If I like the amount on the quote, I simply accept the proposal, and the service works directly with me to complete the transaction.

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