You have several different options to choose from whenever you are selling a MacBook Pro. Deciding which one can bring you the best return and put the most cash in your pocket is important. If you use an online auction site to list your used MacBook, there are hefty fees associated with using this service. While it might be free to list your item, fees are charged based upon the sale price and shipping costs you charge the buyer. In addition, if the payment is processed through a pay site, such as PayPal, they also charge you a fee for using their service. In order to determine how much you actually make, you have to deduct all of these fees from the total price your buyer pays. You may discover you do not get as much as you expected, by using an online auction site.

Another option for selling a MacBook Pro is to use free buy-back services, like those available through us, here at TurnTronics. Buy-back services are where you select your make and model of MacBook, and complete a simple form supplying specific details, such as hard drive and memory capacity, and overall condition. Once you submit this information, you receive a free quote, instantly, for the amount we are willing to pay for your MacBook Pro. If you are happy with our offer price and accept it, we verify the information with you and provide a prepaid shipping label to mail your MacBook Pro to us. After we receive it, we issue your payment, either to your PayPal account, or we send you a check normally, within 3 business days.

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