Get the Most Value out of Your Used iPhone When You Sell It for Cash

Many people do not believe they are able to get more money if they sell their used iPhone, compared to trading it in through their cellular carrier. Carriers might run promotions, from time to time, where you can receive a newer model for a discounted price by trading in your existing phone and extending your contract. Even though you think you are getting a good deal, you may end up not getting the most value out of your old phone.

Another option to consider are places where you are able to sell your used iPhone for top dollar, like us, here at Turn Tronics, rather than trading it in. You might be surprised by just how much we are willing to pay for iPhones that are in good to like-new condition. For example, if you have an iPhone 4S through AT&T in good condition, with 64 GB of storage, which works without any issues and has a decent battery charge time, you could currently receive $189 for selling it.

The thing to remember about quoted prices for selling your used iPhone is they change on a regular basis. The longer you leave a used phone sitting, the less cash you are able to recover. This is due to the fact new models are released on a regular basis as technologies continue to improve. Rather than write off the money you invested in your iPhone and other i-Products, the sooner you dust them off and sell them — the more cash you are able to put back into your pocket.

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