How to Find Someone to Buy My iPhone for Cash

Finding someone to by my used iPhone can seem difficult when I want to get the most money. Many people have their own used iPhones they want to sell, too. As a result, there is a lot of competition between people listing them on online auction sites and local selling sites. It is normal to see where someone got paid top dollar for their phone, but someone else decided to sell theirs for under $10. Because of these fluctuations, it may take several weeks or even months to sell the phone for the price I want.

Instead of wasting time and waiting for someone to come along to buy my iPhone, there is another way where I can get my cash much faster and easier. There are various buy-back services online, like TurnTronics. Their service is completely free to use and they offer the best prices on used electronics. In fact, their goal is to provide the highest price possible and will match or beat their competitors’ price. Should I find a higher quote from another place, all I have to do is contact TurnTronics and let them know.

Their service is hassle free because it does not involve much effort on my part to sell my iPhone for cash, other than completing an online form, verifying the information with them directly, and shipping in the phone. As soon as they receive my item, they start their testing process, wipe any data I forgot to delete, and confirm the device is the correct model and serial number I originally submitted. This process takes about 72 hours, and afterwards, my payment is issued, either to my PayPal account or a check mailed to my home.

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