eBay and PayPal, Splitting Into Independent Companies

What does this mean for people selling their Apple devices?

Selling your iPhone on eBay

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Today, eBay announced that they will be spinning off their payment processing company PayPal in late 2015. The split is a result of pressure put on eBay to appeal to shareholders and future investors.  How will this change affect the resale value of your MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone or iMac?  Many people sell their used Mac or iOS device on eBay. After the split, eBay will focus on maximizing revenue and finding new ways to generate revenue.  An easy strategy to immediately generate revenue is by increasing listing and selling fees.  If this happens, when you use eBay to sell a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, or iMac, you could see less money in the end.

eBay sellers are hit with fees that can total 15% or more.  Selling a $200 iPhone 5 results in almost $40 in fees and shipping costs for a standard seller.  If there is a problem with the sale, the seller may need to issue a partial refund or have the phone returned to resolve the issue.  When a deal goes sour or the buyer is fraudulent, your money could be held or lost if the issue is not resolved.

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