Deciding the Best Method to Use to Sell a MacBook Pro

There are different methods for getting rid of unwanted and used electronics, including all of your Apple® brand products. You should take the time to carefully weigh your options and determine which one is the best for your situation. Some methods require you to find a buyer. Others eliminate this step and allow you to sell your used MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device today. Here are some useful tips and questions to consider for selecting the most appropriate option:

  1. Are there any risks associated with the method? Online auction sites, local selling sites, and others have their own risks. A buyer could use fraud as a means to purchase your used MacBook or other device. There are also risks with meeting people locally because they sometimes have other intentions not related to buying your used device.
  2. Are there seller protections offered in the event of fraud to limit your liability? Even though some sites may list seller protections, what actually occurs is normally different from what you might expect. You could be forced to refund the money paid for your MacBook with no recourse for recovering your laptop.
  3. Do you have to set up an online account or meet other requirements to sell your MacBook Pro? Many sites have their own sets of guidelines you have to satisfy in order to be allowed to list and sell items. Meeting these often takes some time to complete. In the meantime, your laptop is continuing to depreciate and lose value.

A much easier solution is to sell your used MacBook Pro and other devices directly, using our free buyback service. There are no special requirements or qualifications you have to meet. You can obtain a quoted cash offer for your model without any further obligations. Should you like our price, we help guide you through the selling process each step of the way and cover all shipping costs. Once we receive your device, we inspect it to verify the details you supplied were accurate and issue your payment, either to your PayPal™ account or in the form of a check.

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