Cosmetic Condition Classifiactions

Unsure how to grade the cosmetic condition of your device?  Click + to learn more about each variation of our cosmetic condition grading system.  If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us with any questions.  We are here to help make things easy for you!

  • Mint condition and has no noticeable scratches, scuffs, nicks, dings or dents.
  • Screen is perfect with no scratches, light/dark spots, or dead pixels.
  • It almost looks like it did when you purchased it brand new
  • Perfect functional condition


  • Light signs of wear from use, which may include: light surface scratches, marks, very shallow dimples/dings, light keyboard wear.
  • Very light marks on the display surface that are not visible during use
  • Perfect functional condition
  • Moderate scratches, scuffs, dings, or dents.
  • Minor display defects such as light/dark spots, dead pixels, heavy scratches that are visible during use, minor hinge issues
  • One minor functional issue that does not affect the overall use of the device (broken button, defective port, failing hard drive, etc).  If there are multiple functional issues, please select poor condition.
  • Heavy scratches, scuffs, dings, or dents
  • Display has major damage or does not work (still works on external display)
  • Multiple functional defects but still powers on and works