• Finding the Best iPhone Buy Back Service

    Your friends may have told you how difficult it is to sell a used iPhone and other types of electronic equipment. But the reason why they had a hard time often has to do with the methods they used to sell their iPhone and other devices. Your friends could have tried selling their used iPhones […]

  • Sell Your iPhone 5S to the Right Buyback Service

    Sell Your iPhone 5S to the Right Buyback Service You need to be careful when you sell an iPhone 5S through a buyback service. There are a wide variety of companies online which feature this option for fast and quick sales on used iPhones. However, all services are not the same, and it is worth […]

  • Sell a Used iPhone 4 and Other Models for Cash

    It seems people are upgrading their iPhones faster than in the past just to have access to the latest features. When the iPhone was first released, most people held onto their initial models for at least two or three years. But, today, many people ditch their old iPhones as soon as the next model is […]

  • The Best Option to Sell Your iPhone 4 Is for Cash

    You have several options if you want to sell your iPhone 4. Some cellular providers might offer a “trade-in” allowance on your used iPhone 4 when you upgrade to a newer model. However, the dollar amount you get for the trade-in may not be that much, if anything. Sales people have gotten creative in the […]

  • Sell a Broken iPhone to Offset Replacement Costs

    According to a study conducted by CNET in February 2013, approximately 25 percent of all iPhones active at that time had a broken screen. In another study conducted by Huffington Post in September 2012, it was discovered users had spent more than $5.9 billion to repair or replace broken or damaged iPhones since 2007. The […]

  • Recycle Your iPhone through Resale

    Did you know you could put some extra cash in your pocket by recycling your used iPhone through resale? Many people do not even know their older models still might have some residual value left in them. Instead, they drop them off at local recycling centers, drop boxes at their cellular carrier, or other such […]

  • Sell Your Used iPhones and Other Electronics for Cash

    There are several models of used iPhones which still have residual value in them and can be sold for cash. Currently, 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, and 5C models are being purchased for top dollar, using a professional buy-back service, like TurnTronics. The primary advantage to using a buy-back service is that it eliminates […]

  • How to Find Someone to Buy My iPhone for Cash

    Finding someone to by my used iPhone can seem difficult when I want to get the most money. Many people have their own used iPhones they want to sell, too. As a result, there is a lot of competition between people listing them on online auction sites and local selling sites. It is normal to […]

  • Sell an iPhone When You Want Extra Holiday Cash

    If you are looking for some extra holiday cash to spend, you might want to look around your home for any unwanted and used iPhones you have lying around. You are able to sell an iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other i-Products for cash, using our free online service. We offer a safe and secure way […]