I Can Sell My Used Cell Phone to Help Afford a Brand New Model

Upgrading to a new model smartphone can be a major investment. Most new models easily cost several hundreds of dollars, or more, just to have access to the latest technologies. Since most people do not have an unlimited amount of cash to spend every time a new model is released, they have to find a way to raise the money required to buy the new phone. One option I could use is to sell my old cell phone and use the cash to offset the purchase price of the new model.

The amount I am able to get when I sell my used cell phone depends upon several factors. First, is the make and model number of the phone. iPhones, HTC Android, and Samsung Android phones have value. The next factor is the overall condition of the phone. If I badly mistreated my phone and cracked the screen, put deep gouges into the case, or had it personalized with etching, I am not offered as much money. On the other hand, if I used a screen protector and case and managed to take care of it, so that the phone is still in good to like new condition, I can receive top dollar from the sale.

Other factors used to determine the sale price I could receive for my used cell phone are the carrier, storage capacity, and amount of time the battery holds a charge. Additionally, if I still have the original charger and box, I am able to get a little more money by including these items.

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