I have different options available where I can sell my MacBook Pro for cash. I might decide to list it through an online auction site and let potential buyers bid on the laptop. However, this does not always mean I will get the most money for it, because a large number of people use this method. Additionally, I have to consider the fees associated with using online auction sites. In addition, there could be problems with the sale going through if the buyer backs out at the last minute and refuses to pay. I may even have to deal with fraud, if the buyer paid for the laptop using someone else’s credit or debit card, and risk not only losing my laptop, but also any proceeds from the sale.

However, there are other places where I can sell my MacBook Pro with fewer hassles and stress, like TurnTronics. To find out how much my laptop is worth, I simply enter in the details about the MacBook, using the online form, and submit it to receive a free quote. The sale is completed once I agree to the amount offered for my laptop. All I have to do is make sure to properly pack it and ship it to the buyer using the supplied prepaid shipping label. After it is received, my payment is issued in about three business days. I also have the option to choose my preferred payment method, either to my PayPal account, or a check mailed to my home or business.

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