You Can Sell a MacBook Pro You Found While Spring Cleaning

The spring is a great time to go through your desk drawers, filing cabinets, closets, and other areas of your home and office, to get rid of unwanted electronic devices and cell phones. In order to properly dispose of your items, make sure you choose a provider who actively participates in recycling, like us, here at TurnTronics. For example, you can sell a MacBook Pro computer to us whether it still works or is broken. We pay top dollar for a variety of electronics as our way of saying thank you for recycling your unwanted products.

We take the time to erase all of your data and personal information from the hard drive before recycling the computer. In the event it is still operable, we participate in several programs to help those in need, like schools and the elderly, obtain access to computers. Should the computer no longer work, our experienced technicians take the computer apart to sort out metals from plastics, and ensure they are completely recycled and reused.

When you sell a MacBook Pro, take the time to check out the other products we also purchase, like iPhones, iPods, iPads, telephony systems, PC servers, HD video cameras, and more. If you do not see your device listed on our website, simply contact us directly and let us know what you have. We will respond and let you know whether we are currently accepting the product and its value.

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