I Can Sell My iPod for Cash to Offset the Costs of Upgrading

With the number of Apple® products on the market today able to play music, it may no longer be necessary for me to have a separate iPod music player. For example, if I get an iPhone with a large amount of storage space, I could load all of my favorite songs, pictures, and videos onto the phone. Once I have transferred all of my media, I can sell my iPod for cash to help offset the costs of purchasing a new iPhone.

How to Transfer Data from an iPod to an iPhone

Transferring the data from my iPod to the iPhone is simple and easy. I can connect the devices to my computer and use iTunes to perform the backup and restore. Another option is to use the iCloud for backing up my media files on the iPod, and then connecting to the service from the iPhone and loading them onto this device. After the data has been moved, I am almost ready to sell my iPod. The last thing I need to do is perform a factory restore.

Running a Factory Restore

The process to restore an iPod to its original settings requires a little bit of time, but is not difficult. All I do is connect the device to my computer and launch iTunes. Within iTunes, I find my iPod and choose restore. The restore process erases all data on the device and puts it back to its out-of-the-box condition. Now it is ready to be sold.

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