You Can Sell Your iMac for Cash Even if Its Broken

Computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices wear out over time, even with the best care. Prior to your iMac, iPhone, or other device breaking, you may want to consider getting rid of it while it still has more value. Once it breaks, you can still sell your iMac for some cash, but the amount is typically much lower for nonworking and broken iMacs and other electronics.

Preparing to Sell Your iMac

Before you sell your iMac, take the time to verify if there are any data, files, pictures, or music you wish to retain. If there is, you will need to perform a backup, either through the laptop’s operating system using iTunes, or through the iCloud. Apple® support has detailed, step-by-step instructions for performing a backup, as well as how to restore the data to a new iMac computer.

After you have either decided there is nothing you want to retain off of the iMac, or completed your backup, you are ready to put it up for sale. Regardless of your preferred selling method, such as a local selling site, an online auction, or a buyback service, it is highly recommended you do a full factory reset on the laptop to erase and protect your personal information, data, and other files. Some buyback services will perform the full factory reset for you once they receive your laptop, like TurnTronics. Just make sure to verify whether or not a factory reset is run with the buyback service before you ship them your iMac.

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