I Can Sell My Broken iPhone for Cash so It Can be Recycled

Many people do not realize their broken iPhone may still have value. Depending upon the type of damage the phone has, there are often still working parts and components which can be salvaged and used to build a refurbished phone. Rather than leaving the phone sitting in a drawer collecting dust, it is worth my time to find out if I could sell my broken iPhone for cash. The longer the phone sits, the older it becomes, and eventually, there is no value left in it.

Most cellular carriers will not provide any trade-in allowance on my broken iPhone. Instead, they require that I pay full retail for a brand new replacement phone. While they might offer to recycle my broken one, I do not receive any money for it. However, there are places, like TurnTronics, which purchase broken electronic devices. The reason they purchase nonworking models is to help keep them out of landfills and ensure they are properly recycled. In return for using their free services, I am paid cash for selling them my broken i-Products.

If there are working parts in the phone, they take care of removing these, erasing any data, and making sure they are used to build refurbished models. In the event there are not any parts worth saving, they break the phone down into recyclable components so they can be melted down and made into new items. For example, the plastics used for the case are able to be melted back down to make new cell phone cases, laptop cases, and other products using hard plastics.

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