What Can I Do with My Old iPad? I Can Sell It for Cash

I was fortunate and received a brand new iPad Air over the holidays as a gift. Now that I have had time to use it and transfer my data from the old iPad to the new one, I have to decide what to do with the old model. If I am a parent, I might hand down my used model to one of my children. On the other hand, if I have siblings, I could always give it to one of my brothers or sisters. However, my immediate family members may already have their own iPad or tablet, so giving it to them would be the equivalent of sticking it in a closet, desk drawer, or under my bed and forgetting about it.

Luckily, I have other options besides giving it to a relative, like selling my iPad for cash. There are several different services out there where I can get some money for the old model. I just need to carefully weigh my options in order to determine which service is the best. For example, online auction sites require creating an account, figuring out how to list items, upload pictures, and other such processes. I may not have time to do this with my busy schedule. In addition, some sites require you have a set feedback rating before they will allow you to list an item for sale.

An easier and quicker option is to use a free buy-back service, like TurnTronics. All I do is select the “Sell My Device” option and fill out the simple online form to obtain my free quote. For example, if I had an iPad 3 with Wi-Fi only and 32 GB of storage that works and is in like-new condition, they are currently offering up to $215 to buy it directly from me, and they will even cover the costs of shipping it to them.

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