The Best Option to Sell Your iPhone 4 Is for Cash

You have several options if you want to sell your iPhone 4. Some cellular providers might offer a “trade-in” allowance on your used iPhone 4 when you upgrade to a newer model. However, the dollar amount you get for the trade-in may not be that much, if anything. Sales people have gotten creative in the ways they write up new contracts, so it could look like you are getting a great deal even though you are not.

For example, they might put the discounted amount of the new phone as your trade-in allowance. Don’t let the figures fool you, as the discounted amount is how much you are saving by committing to a specific contract period. You often get the new phone for the same amount, without having to trade-in your phone. Instead of giving it away for free, you can sell your iPhone 4 for cash.

Selling options range from listing it on an auction site to using a buy back service. If you are looking for the best possible price and the least amount of risk, you should use a reputable buy back service, like ours, here at TurnTronics. We make selling your used iPhones and other electronic devices safe, secure, fast, quick and simple.

How Much Is My iPhone 4 Worth?

To find out how much your iPhone 4 is worth, use our free online quote tool, found under the “Sell My Device” link. Use the drop down boxes to choose your make, model and other details about the phone. Fill out your contact information at the bottom of the form and click the “Calculate” button. If you like the price offered, follow the instructions for submitting the quote. One of our friendly service technicians then contacts you and walks you through the last few steps needed to complete the sale.

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