How Apple Revolutionized Technology

How Apple Products Have Affected Our Lives as Well as the Technology Industry

Over the last several decades, Apple Inc. has had a huge influence in shaping our technological landscape, both in America and internationally. Apple has arrived at this position of eminence by steadily innovating, creating a steady stream of carefully designed products that have found a huge audience. After releasing the highly successful Apple II microcomputer in 1977, the company soon became a major player in the tech sector. Other innovative products followed, including the iPod Classic (2001), the MacBook (2006), the iPhone (2007), iPad (2010) and most recently the Apple Watch (2014). Today, Apple products can be found almost everywhere.

The Apple edge may be attributed to its trailblazing technological advances. Mac computers continue to find fans among consumers who admire their attractive design and user-friendly features. The introduction of the iPhone helped usher in an era of easy access to the Internet, as the device allowed consumers to check email and other web-accessible features without the need for a conventional computer. The iPad constituted yet another bold step whose influence is expected to grow in the coming years. With a net income exceeding $37 billion dollars over the period 2005 to 2013, Apple Inc. is clearly here to stay.


 How Apple Revolutionized Technology

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