Apple making customization on Retina display MacBook Pros near impossible

iFixit tore down Apple’s new Retina display MacBook Pro after yesterdays release. They quickly discovered a low repairability of this model due to a few design changes from the previous generation MacBook Pro.

The Retina MacBook Pro has been designed to not be user upgradable.  Since Apple slimed down the Retina display MacBook Pro, the new design requires a handful of proprietary components designed to efficiently use space.  iFixit noted this MacBook Pro is “the least repairable laptop we’ve taken apart”.

Much like the MacBook Air, the Retina display MacBook Pro uses RAM soldered directly to the logic board, along with a custom SSD that utilizes a new HD connector that is not compatible with any existing aftermarket drives.

Retina display MacBook Pro logic board w/ CPU (red), GPU (orange), and RAM (green)

The battery is also glued the body of the Retina display MacBook Pro.  iFixit actually giving up on trying to remove it because they were afraid of puncturing one of the battery cells. The trackpad cable is located under the battery, making it virtually impossible to remove without damaging when the battery is removed.  All these design changes will make it extremely difficult for end users and resellers to repair their MacBook Pros.  Looks like it is time to purchase AppleCare!


For a detailed look at iFixit’s teardown CLICK HERE

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