Android vs. iPhone: The OS Battle

Are you an iPhone or an Android type? The incredible war between iPhone and Android can be as divisive as politics or the Mac vs PC debate.  This hot debate between smartphone operating systems has dragged too long, and everyone is wondering who is winning the epic battle. Before making a decision and betting on either phone, it is important to understand the facts.

Despite being in direct competition, the iPhone OS and Android OS have a lot in common. Yes, it is true. Both are Linux-based operating systems that translate to smart phones as well as tables. However, when it comes to their development, company policy differs between the two.

Now, let’s talk numbers.  Surprisingly, Android smartphone sales have surpassed that of iPhones by a total of 7.7%.  But have no fear Apple fans, the iPad sold 53.8% of all total tablets while the android fell shortly behind with 42.7% of tablet sales.

How about apps, you may wonder? That is the important part, right? Well, the Apple App Store provides over 850,000applications for you to pick from and enjoy.  On the other and, Android Google Play Store offers a whopping 1,000,000 plus applications!

The ultimate winner will never be settled; however, based on their design, ease of usability, and features, you can pick the winner for you. For a feature comparison and more information on the iPhone and Android please check out the infographic. There you will be able to grasp and fully understand the similarities and differenced of both phones. What will you choose?

iPhone OS vs Android OS

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  1. The infographic has 1 or 2 errors or misconceptions. The most egregious error is that Android comes with Google Chrome for “Internet.” The fact is that Android’s browser, at least through Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), the browser is its own beast based on WebKit (like Safari), but one may download Chrome from the Google Play store. Other browsers, including a mobile version of Firefox, are also available through Google Play. Chrome is also available as an app for iOS.

    Regarding the number of apps, there are quite a few apps available for both platforms, as well as some that are available for one but not the other. One major ding against Apple is that they require $99/year just to be able to develop apps that can be made available in the App Store. Android, on the other hand, gets payment when the app is uploaded to Google Play.

    I have an Android phone and an iPad, so I get to see both worlds daily. There are many, many other good points and bad points to compare between the two. Which one wins for me? They both do! As long as we stop thinking of this as a “war” in which there can be only one winner, everybody can win.

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